Дискотека кончилась.


Every day Clubberry.FM is getting closer to its ultimate goal: ruling the world! All thanks to:

1) Useful and great-looking widgets. You can embed them onto your desktop or website and enjoy our music however is most suitable for you.

As of now, we have widgets for:

Яндекс Opera

2) Clubberry Desktop — Indulge in the Clubberry experience directly from your desktop. Listen to radio, chat on the wall, view the schedule, and check out the latest blog topics, all within your desktop! If you’re a Windows, Mac or Linux user, we’ve got you covered. Start your Clubbery Desktop experience below:

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3) A player that's always with you. Embed it into your website, blog or anywhere else. Just press the <html> button, copy the code and insert it into your website. We take care of the rest.

Faithfully yours, Clubberry.FM.