For webmasters

Дискотека кончилась.

For webmasters

Hey dude, buy the piano!

Many club music sites create their own mini-radios these days and post the playlist links on their pages. It's getting «cool» to have a radio on your website. Usually such radios represent one of the following: either Winamp playing the same playlist 24/7 for several weeks in a row, or DJs playing a couple of hours a week, and the rest of the time the radio just remains silent. The reason is obvious — it takes passion, dedication, and time to run a fully functional radio station.

If you're an owner or administrator of a website which might benefit from a fully-fledged radio, we offer you the opportunity to partner with us by embedding our player onto your site.
What are the advantages?

— Draw and hold a bigger audience with the latest music meticulously handpicked by our EDM obsessed channel editors
— Visitors can listen to quality radio 24/7 without leaving your website
— Users have a choice from a variety of channels in bitrates ranging from 64 to 128 kbps (and 192kbps soon!)
— Our player has been developed with quality in mind and fits well into the design of virtually every site
— Unlike many other widgets, our player is not a SEO-one, which means that we don't have it as a goal to get to the first place in Google Search by taking advantage of your site.
— Leave the entertainment to us! Don’t worry about the broadcast or the DJs — we've got you covered.

Why is it better to embed our player and not to create your own radio? It's very easy: radio is our main job, and we try to do it well. We already have 5 channels running, which cover the main styles of modern electronic dance music. All the channels work 24/7, we play sets of our residents as well as single tracks, provide you with the finest and latest music available and don't have replay track every 15 minutes :)

We think that everyone should stick to their core competency and ours is to provide the best selection of EDM music possible. It's always easier to use an already available product than to spend resources in trying to create your own. Trust us: the difference in quality will be as drastic as digital vs. analog. :-)

To embed the Clubberry.FM player onto your site, just click the <html> button next to it, copy the code and paste it into the desired place on your website.