Дискотека кончилась.


The Goal

Clubberry sets the standard of quality for what a Russian EDM Internet radio station should represent. Since our formation in September 2008 we have searched for the most talented to be part of our team with the goal of creating the best EDM radio in the country. However, we are nothing without our listeners, so we also strive to attract people that are as passionate about EDM music as we are. So, if you like websites full of banners, and still think that Drum'n'Bass is a special subgenre of Trance, we are not the station for you.

How Clubberry Works

Each channel is responsible for its own style: Hardstyle/HardDance, House, Dancecore, Drum'n'Bass, Trance, Techno, Dubstep and music for your listening pleasure. Every channel (except for Clubberry Chill) has its own team of residents, a selection of the latest and finest tracks and interesting radioshows. We host special events on a regular basis and have famous guests on our channels, such as Micha Moor, 2−4 Grooves, Showtek, Dabruck & Klein, Mike Koglin, YOJI, DJ JIM, Talla 2XLC, Finger & Kadel, DJ Space Raven, W&W, Claudia Cazacu, M6, Brooklyn Bounce, Roger Shah, Scot Project, Alex Megane, Partystylerz, DJ Gollum, tyDi, Moonbeam and Bangbros just to name a few.

Listen to radio YOUR way

We might have the vision as to what an EDM radio station should be like, but without a flexible and intuitive design, that vision falls flat. That’s why we make sure that Clubberry.FM looks great, is easy to use, and can be reached from everywhere at any time. You can listen to us from the website itself, from any modern media player, your VKontakte page, browser homepage, desktop, Clubberry Desktop application, as well as your Nokia or iPhone. So start enjoying Clubberry.FM in its many flavors right here.

New music brings new experiences which feed our thirst for more. That's why you can share your thoughts with each other on the wall and find the latest information about people and events from our blog.

Be with us and we will be with you.
Yours truly,
The Clubberry Team.