Mailing list

Дискотека кончилась.

Mailing list

Clubberry’s mailing list is the easiest way to get informed about our contests, marathons and other interesting events. It also gives you the opportunity to beta-test our newest features, and a chance to win interesting prizes. Besides, the mailing list is a sure way to become our friend.

Every day we are listened by thousands of people — at work, at school, at home, and for the really addicted ones — everywhere, 24/7 :) These people love Clubberry and we reciprocate. If you're one of them, then our mailing list is definitely for you. Leave your e-mail address and you'll be getting Cubberry’s latest and greatest before anyone else.

We love our friends.


For those who read it inattentively: this is not a blog subscription; we have RSS for that purpose. We'll be mailing out only information about special events and other interesting topics.

And no, we won't be selling your e-mails to spammers. Friends don't sell out :-)

As of now the mailing list will be delivered in Russian only. We hope to bring you an English version in the future.