Дискотека кончилась.


December 16 2009 // Post to Twitter // Save in Vkontakte

Hello rest of the world!

As we're growing up, we're starting to have more and more foreign visitors at our site. They may like the music played here, but they still can't get the full experience of Clubberry because of the language barrier. Well, now that barrier is broken. Clubberry.FM is now also available in English!


So, how does it work? In the top right corner of the site, you see two flags responsible of switching languages. Click, and you'll be taken to the corresponding language version of the page you're currently browsing — convenient, isn't it? Moreover, a smart script detects the language of your browser and automatically takes you to the proper version of Clubberry when you visit the site.

All the texts here were translated with the help of a native speaker, so we assure you that there's no Яussian English on the site ;)